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08/14/2013, By: Lucky Supermarkets

Pick Floorstand   

Stock up on the family’s favorite meats; our Pick 5 sale is back! Shop now and get premium meat up to 60% off.


How does it work?

With more than 60 meat items to choose from, you can select any five for $25. Look for the items with the Pick 5 icon and load up your cart.

Pick Icon   


We’ve got deals to satisfy the pickiest eaters in the family, with everything from chicken drumsticks to St. Louis spare ribs to choose from.

Chicken     Hamburger    Chop Ribs   


The more you buy, the more you save. With no limit on this deal, you can also get six items for $30, seven for $35 or eight for $40. Be sure to stock up because this deal is only good while supplies last.


What do you pair with a nice piece of meat? Check out our other specials this week for inspiration.

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