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07/08/2011, By: Kathy Powers

Here’s a spot in your Lucky supermarket that you definitely want to get in the habit of visiting weekly – the Berry Patch.  Fresh from Driscoll’s on the California Coast, all of these berries look amazingly irresistible sitting side by side, and when you get them home to your family they taste so fresh and sweet.  Berries are on the shopping list at my house each week!  We change it up by buying blackberries one week, then blueberries the next week, followed by raspberries and strawberries.  My three daughters have been raised with fresh berries in the house each and every week.  Rich in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, you’ll be confident knowing that you’re teaching healthy eating habits to your loved ones.  Create a fun graph on your refrigerator door and keep stats of each family member’s favorite type of berry.  And for a super fun recipe whip up a bowl of our fruit salsa.  Yum!

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