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I have two small children. How can I poison proof my home?

This week's question was from Bob in Fresno: I have two small children. How can I poison proof my home?


The first thing to remember, is that there are more poisons in the home than just medicine. Examples of these items are cigarette butts, cleaning products such as oven cleaners, auto products such as antifreeze, a variety of household plants, children’s vitamins and even food flavorings such as oil of wintergreen. You must make sure that you keep these items in their original containers and that they have safety caps securely tightened. Keep all of these products out of reach of children which may include putting a safety lock on your cabinets. Lastly, you should have the phone number of your local poison control center accessible, because they can direct you on what to do if someone in your family accidentally ingests a poison.

Last Updated Saturday, July 26, 2014 - 09:45 PM.
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