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Peak Season Picks - Corn

Corn is an amazing grain. Its power is being harnessed to do everything from feeding your family to fueling your ride.


  • Look for corn whose husks are fresh, green and not dried out. The silk should also be soft and somewhat moist, without signs of decay.
  • Gently pull back on part of the husk. The kernels should be plump and tightly arranged in rows.


  • It is best to use fresh corn the same day you buy it.
  • However, you can store freshly purchased corn in the refrigerator. Keep corn in the husks and place in the crisper drawer, if possible. Corn will keep for up to two days.


  • Shuck the corn (remove the husk and silk) right before you cook it.
  • If you plan to roast or grill your corn in the husk, the silk must still be removed. Pull husk down, but not off the stem; then remove the silk. rewrap the husks and tie at the top.
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Last Updated Tuesday, March 03, 2015 - 12:11 AM.
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