What is ClickCart?

ClickCart is online grocery shopping exclusively for Lucky You Rewards Members. It’s Fast, Fresh and Simple! Order your groceries online in the convenience of your home or on the go! Simply go to www.LuckySupermarkets.com, and choose “ClickCart” from the Online Ordering drop down menu.

  • ClickCart is only available in select stores


Can I still use my free Rewards and digital offers? Will I still earn points on my purchases?

Yes! You must select your Rewards and load digital offers to your account, and they will be redeemed at the ClickCart counter when you enter your phone number at checkout. As long as you enter your phone number at checkout, you will receive points on all qualifying items.


Can I still use paper and digital coupons with ClickCart?

Absolutely! When you pay at the ClickCart counter you can give your paper coupons to your personal shopper and they will be applied at the register. If you’ve loaded digital coupons to your account, they will be redeemed at the register when you enter your phone number at checkout.


Do you have any helpful tips for selecting produce?

Yes we do! Here is a tip for estimating the weight of your order:

We will provide the approximate weight of a produce item.  For example, when you select a banana, you will see that .4 lbs is listed for a single banana.  You simply enter the number of bananas you would like to purchase.  The number of bananas times .4 lbs will approximate the weight of your purchase. What if I have specific preference regarding the produce I would like?

You can share your specific preferences with your personal shopper by clicking “Add Item Instructions” at the item level or the cart/order level. 


How do I order meats?

Butcher cut meats are mostly sold by the pound (lb). Please note that package sizes can vary. Just select the number of pounds you would like.  Just like produce, you can use the “Add Item Instructions” at the item level or the cart/order level to provide any instructions to your personal shopper.


What if you run out of something I ordered?

If the item you selected is unavailable, you will not be charged for that item when you pay in store. You always have the option to select “Allow Substitutions,” at either the item level or the order/cart level .  When you go to checkout/cart, the substitution options will be available.  “Allowing Substitutions”, allows your ClickCart personal shopper to select a comparable item if something is temporarily out of stock.


What if I need a cake or platter order?

Cake and Platter orders are separate from ClickCart orders. You may place your online orders for Cakes or Platters by selecting “Cakes & Platters” from the Online Ordering drop down menu, or you may call your local store to place an order.


How will I know my order is ready?

When you place your order you will receive an email confirmation with the date and time for pick-up.


How do I pick up my groceries?

When your order is ready, you can pay for your groceries at our special ClickCart counter in the front of the store! A ClickCart specialist will walk out with you to load your car after you complete payment.


What hours can I pick up my order?

  • Monday - Friday 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm*
  • Saturday - Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm*

*Hours are subject to change


Is there a fee for ClickCart?

There is a $5.00 service fee for each order.


Can I order and pick up my groceries on the same day?

Yes! You can place your order and pick it up on the same day! There is however a 4 hour minimum window between order and pick-up. For instance, if you place an order at 11:00 am on Monday,  the soonest you can pick it up is 3:00 pm on Monday.


What if I need to modify my order after I already placed it?

You may call the store directly and ask the personal shopper to add/remove the necessary items, or you may modify your order when you are paying at the register.


Are there any quick tips for repeat ClickCart users?

We have a great tip for you! If you find that you buy similar items in your weekly shopping trips, you can now select “Reorder” to quickly place a new order! You simply select “Reorder” from the “Online Ordering” drop down menu and your order history will appear. You can reorder any of your past orders and modify them in the online checkout area. It’s fast and simple!


Can I order groceries online with my Lucky App?

Currently we do not have ClickCart set up for app use, but stay tuned because that feature will be available at a later date! In the meantime, please visit the Lucky Supermarkets website, login, and place your ClickCart orders through the convenience and ease of your browser.