We encourage kids to be active to help them grow up to be big and strong. That's why each of our stores is looking for a kids’ sports team to sponsor. Every Lucky store has a cooler to loan out each season to a kids’ sports team. If your team is chosen, once a week for one season, the team can come in and receive treats for the game for free!

lucky volleyball cooler

Benefits include:

  • Small sponsorship fee paid to the team
  • Our ice chest for the team to borrow for one season
  • $20 worth of snacks and beverage free of charge

All we ask that you return the ice chest after the season, so that other teams may enjoy the program. A limited number of team sponsorships is available so make sure to ask your Store Manager for more information. Please be prepared to submit a W-9 form.

If parents consent, we’d love a team picture to hang in the store and post on social media.

Lucky Soccer Cooler